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Why Can’t I Register POF In The USA?


Why Can’t I Register POF In The USA? Plenty of fish popularly known as the POF is one of the oldest and biggest online dating website. To register on this website is actually a long process and you might come up with a question – “Why Can’t I Register POF In The USA?”

Plenty Of Fish (POF)

Plenty of fish is the online dating website launched in 2003. It has covered a long journey after that
and expanded its services to various countries with different languages. Before learning about the problems you can face while signing up you should learn how to register on it.

Sign up a POF Account

You might think that signing up the account on POF in the USA is quite difficult but it is not the case.
Here are the simple steps that can be followed to register your POF account:

 Visit the official website

 From the menu bar, you have to select the button " Register"

 When the registration page opens, you have to enter your username, password, D.O.B, and
so on.

 Once you have filled the information correctly click on the “continue!” button.

 Now the interesting part of the registration will come where you have to answer all the
a question like hobbies, interest, your love for pets, etcetera.

 If you are not interested to answer all the questions at that time you can choose to click the
option "prefer not to say"

 Once you have gone through all the question and answered them accordingly, click on
“create my Profile now” button.

Even after following these steps if you are not able to create an account. You could be having minor
errors that you might not be able to catch by bird's eye view.

Why Can’t I Register POF In The USA?

Registering to the POF can be a hectic process as you have to enter your personal information as
well as your interests before completing your sign up process. Doing this you might face some
problems and ask yourself – " Why Can't I Register POF In The USA?”. Some of them are discussed below:

 POF: Zip code

If you have a job that keeps you moving from one state to another and change the zip code
according to that. This could create a problem. As the system will detect it and might think that you
are entering the wrong information or you are creating a fake account.

Pof: IP address

If you are using the computer with proxy then the website will not be able to read your actual IP
address. So when you try to register there is a chance the IP address its reading will be shown as the
invalid one.

 Pof Username

Username is a very important thing while doing the registration. If you are using the symbols like "<" or "!". There is a chance that you will not be able to register on the POF website.
There can also be the case where your username has already been taken. If that is the case it will
request you to choose another username which is not already been taken.

 POF: System Settings

Different people use different operating systems where the settings might not be same and may
require some changes in the setting like allowing cookies.

 POF: Wrong information

While registering for plenty of fish (POF) you have to be careful while entering the information as
well as answering the questionnaires. If you enter the wrong information then you could face the
problem or error and will not be able to register.

POF Conclusion

From the above points, it might be clear that “Why Can’t I Register POF In The USA?” and start using
the free to use website. Means you do not need to pay to boost your relationship or dating life.


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