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Why Can’t I Make An Account On POF.com?


Why Can’t I Make An Account On POF.com? – is the query that you might be facing for various reasons. So in this article different reasons will be discussed and from them, you might be having one or two issues depending on your profile.

Plenty Of Fish (POF)

There are various online dating websites that are available in the market and Plenty Of Fish is one of them. It has 150 million registration, 65,000 new daily users, available in different languages and 17
countries making it a giant in the online dating companies. The POF.com generates revenue through the advertising and providing premium membership to the users.

Why Can’t I Make An Account On POF.com?

Everyone is busy in today’s world and have no time to socialize or find a relationship. So in this fast moving world, online dating websites are the key to this problem. But you can face a problem while making an account on POF.com like:


Plenty of fish register users from limited countries. If you do not belong to these countries then you will not be able to make an account on POF.com. The area where they provide services are:

 Australia
 Brazil
 Canada
 Ireland
 New Zealand
 United Kingdom
 United States
 Banned

The reason you are not able to make an account on the POF.com can be that you are banned by the
plenty of fish. After getting banned if you are trying to create your account then it is not possible.
You can get banned by the following method:

 Re-registering by using an e-mail that has already been flagged, minors, liar in profile, etcetera.

 They also check the IP address of yours by using the complex algorithm. So even if you are using new email there is a chance that you might not be able to create an account.

You can also be banned from making multiple accounts just to have a fling.

Already a member

People usually make multiple accounts on the POF.com so that they can have a string of affairs. To
avoid these kinds of problems POF does not allow the user to make an account.

If you are already a member of the website and using the same name or IP address could be the
reason you are not able to make an account on POF.com.

 Escort, Scammer, Spammer

Plenty of fish does take its business very seriously. It reviews each and every profile. If you are found
to be using the website for these kinds of fraudulent method rather than to have a relationship
could be the reason you not being able to form an account on POF.com.


There is a craze of online dating websites among the teens also but POF.com is the dating website
only for adults. If you are below 18 and trying to make an account then your efforts are futile.


If you are already a user and misbehaved (by showing rage, unexpected manner, and so on) from the
person you have been matched by the POF.com then your account will be deleted. After this, you
will be banned from this website for forever.


So one of these could be the reason for your query – “Why Can’t I Make An Account On POF.com?”.
If you are looking for a relationship this could be the website for you.


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