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POF USA Customer Service


Plenty of Fish, popularly known as POF was started back in 2003 as an online dating website in Canada. It soon became popular in other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, etc. Due to its usage worldwide, the website is available in nine different languages.

POF USA customer service was started by The POF Group and had its headquarters in Vancouver. Its founder and then CEO was Markus Frind. The website is completely free but has the option of upgrading the account to a Premium one. The users having premium membership have some additional services.

After registering with the account, users can send or receive text messages and share pictures and videos with other users with whom they want. All the text messages sent or received get automatically deleted after a period of 30 days.

The website is completely free for every user, but it still has some premium services that are beneficial. The website is well managed by a team of professionals who supervise every account. Fake accounts or accounts of those who misbehave or talk rudely are deleted by the managing team.

Plenty of Fish Dating Service

POF is one of the best dating sites in the world. There are over 10 million active POF users. The website tries to provide their best service to all its users. The site has millions of views on its official website and messages exchanged every month.

POF US Customer Support

POF has a 24/7 customer support for the help for its users. You can contact the POF US customer service via call, email or live chat. Their number is toll-free. The calling and live- chat support are available during the working hours and six days a week. Email support is available all time of the day and responds immediately.

Terms and policies of POF

Being a free website, it has millions of people connected to it. So, to maintain its decency and integrity, it has to take measures. So if any user is found violating those policies, he or she is blocked and his account is deleted. We ask all our users to make sure they follow and keep in mind the policies of the website below while creating the account and also using it later.

  • Every user is allowed to have only one account with POF. No user can create multiple accounts on our website. Also, all the details filled while creating the account should be true.
  • No fake account is allowed on our website. If any fake account is found, it is immediately blocked and deleted.
  • No user shall be rude with or harass any other user on our website. No male or female is allowed to use any offensive or harsh language. We maintain the privacy of our users. But still, all the accounts are supervised by our team to ensure no terms and policies are broken.
  • The users are not allowed to upload any picture in the bio or shared with any other user on the website’s platform that promotes or support nudity, animal, self or human abuse.
  • There should be no such content that is illegal or unlawful in any account.

In case anything is not clear to you, contact the POF US customer service.

How is Online Dating more Convenient?

With an enormous number of options available, it is easy to find people of your interest. There are millions of users on POF. So it is easy to connect to people from anywhere in the globe.

You have many options and choices. Even if you could not make things work with one for some reason, there are plenty of more fishes in the sea and you can still try your luck! It is a blessing for people who are shy or anti-social. They can chat and get comfortable and familiar with the other person and then decide to meet for a real date! It will cost you nothing to know a person. That’s a benefit of online dating that you do not need to spend on expensive dates to impress the other person. At times, after a few dates, you feel you are not compatible with the other person. That is an advantage you get here. You can talk to them first and then decide if you are interesting in the other person.

About POF Dating Service

POF is one of the world’s most used online dating website with more than 10 million active users around the globe. It is a user-friendly website and has all-time convenient tech support and customer care service. It has been offering good service to all its users. POF US customer service is available any time you need help. The users registered with our website can find the people on the site with similar interests. It is a simple and easy way of expanding your social life and get dates without much effort. The website allows users to get any kind of relationship they seek, may it be relationship, dating or friendship.

POF Mobile App

Just a while ago, the website launched its phone application which is available for download for Android, IOS and Blackberry users. The key features of the phone application are the push notification option and configuration settings. These options are not available on the website. The best part of the phone application is the Geo-location option. With that, the users can find people of their interest around them in a radius set by them. The mobile application has all the basic features of the website. It is more beneficial only because the users can go through their inbox any time of the day and also upgrade their account to have access to the premium services. Like the website, the phone application also is available in multiple languages.

Technical issues faced by users in the Dating Website

Some of the technical issues frequently faced by users while using the dating website or mobile application are listed below:

  • Issues regarding downloading the application on mobiles.
  • Unable to send or receive text messages.
  • Unable to download pictures or videos while using POF on phone or website.
  • Problems or issues regarding spam or fake accounts.
  • Low speed of sending or receiving texts or images.
  • Errors while changing, resetting or recovering passwords, pictures or more.

If you face any such issues, contact the POF technical support team available. You can either directly call or drop an email to them. But the customer care guarantees complete satisfaction and makes sure to solve the issues. Instant solutions are provided to all the problems of the customers.

How technical support helps you

The users may face some technical issues at times while using the website for which they need professional help. So technical customer support team is available within the working hours of the day to assist you.

  • Frequently faced issues by the users on website or account are mentioned below:
  • Customizing the settings.
  • Installing and setting up the application on IOS or Android mobiles.
  • Unable to sending or receiving text messages, images or videos.
  • Unable to sign in or sign out of the account.
  • Deactivating or deleting the account.
  • Recover deleted sent or received messages.
  • Resetting or recovering passwords of the accounts.

So these are some issues that are faced by the users often. The POF US customer care support is always there for your help and solves your problems. Our customer support team is just a call away.

POF US customer support always tries to make things easier for users. The technical support team is available in the working hours of the day. We have a professional team that instantly solves all the issues and errors and makes the website or application experience hassle-free and easy to use. The POF team is well trained and qualified to assists you any time you need help.


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