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How to Permanently delete POF account


A POF account can be deleted any time the user wants to. The process of deleting the POF account is as easy as creating the account. POF just asks the users the reason behind deleting the account. It is just a simple step to ensure they get aware of any inconvenience a user is facing with the service. You just need to submit the reason and your POF account would be permanently deleted.

A POF account once deleted cannot be recovered. There is no way to get back a deleted POF account. Although, a user can create a new account if he had previously deleted his POF account.

Basic issues faced while using the POF online dating service Customer Support Team and Experts of the team of Plenty of Fish Customer Service gives a 24/7 assistance to all the users. You can call at the toll-free or drop an email to the POF customer support team. The POF customer support team will solve any issue immediately regarding the POF dating service. The customer support team will resolve any issue or
trouble that is interrupting your dating experience with POF.

The Plenty of Fish website has a simple layout with simplified means of working and operating for a sorted, simplified and convenient dating experience for the users. There are some minor errors and problems that the customers face while using POF. Some of such errors and problems are listed below:

Errors while registering on POF or while creating new Plenty of Fish account.

Upgrading a user’s regular Plenty of Fish account to Premium POF account. Upgrading, modifying or editing a regular or Premium Plenty of Fish account or profile. Resetting or recovering the password for the Plenty of Fish account. It may be the regular or the premium POF account. Unable to make payments from various payment methods to make purchases in POF, upgrade a normal account to a Premium account or any other bill regarding queries.

Do these things before you delete your POF account Users are suggested to save all their profile details and Information. User are suggested to copy and save all their information from their POF account before deleting it. All the users are suggested to first delete all their pictures from the account. This is just a safety and precautionary measure to erase and delete all the user’s personal information, details and pictures from the POF account.

Permanently Delete POF account.

Do you want to delete your POF account after you found your special partner or loved one? Or even if you just no longer feel the need of having a POF account. Whatsoever the reason may be, there are no obligations as to when a person can delete his or her POF account. The account can be deleted any time, in just a few minutes. The users can permanently delete their POF account any time that they wish to.
There might be any reason that led to the user deciding to delete their POF account permanently.

There are several people who get bored of meeting new people online and some people are just more interested to follow the old school methods of dating and meeting new people in person in the actual world. No need to worry about it! POF customer support team will help you solve all the problems. Any user can either delete their POF account permanently or just hide their POF profile temporarily. Deleting the POF account permanently will remove all the purchases and upgrades that the user had done with the account. If a user decides to hide his POF profile, it will disable other users to view that person’s profile. No other user would be able to view, text, connect or find that profile on the website.

There are different ways to delete and hide POF account. It is very simple and easy to delete a POF account. The steps to delete a POF account are
listed below.

First of all, we will explain how to permanently delete the POF account. Below are the steps
explained to permanently remove your POF account. If you have difficulty in any step,
contact us on our toll-free for assistance.

Step 1- Open your web browser and then go to the POF website. Navigate to the official
POF website.
Step 2 – Login to the Plenty Of Fish account. Write down your registered email address that
was used to create the account. Then fill in the password to your POF account.
Step 3 – On the top of the screen would be a help button. Click on that option.
Step 4- Now there would open up a set of options available in front of you. On the top left
section of the screen, there would be the option to ‘Remove your Profile’. Click on that
option. That option is used to delete a POF account permanently.
Step 5- After that, click on the link with the heading saying “ Click To delete your POF
Step 6- In the new page, there would be space to enter your valid username and the
password t the POF account that you are using. Enter the POF username and account

password. After doing that, click and then enter the valid reason for deleting your POF
Step 7- After completing the above steps, the POF account would be permanently removed
and deleted from the Plenty of Fish website.

Can you Hide your Plenty of Fish account temporarily?

Yes, it is possible for users to temporarily hide their POF account.It is very easy to temporarily hide a POF account if the just wants to get away from their POF account temporarily. Sometimes, an individual just wants to take a break from the online dating. In such cases, temporarily hiding the POF account is the most convenient option. Follow the steps and instructions below and temporarily make your profile temporarily inactive.

Step 1- Open your web browser and then go to the POF website. Navigate to the official
POF website.

Step 2 – Login to the Plenty Of Fish account. Write down your registered email address that
was used to create the account. Then fill in the password to your POF account.

Step 3- Click on the option saying “Edit your POF Profile” on the top of the screen.

Step 4 – Click on the link saying “ Hide your POF profile from others”. Click on that option to
continue the process .

Step 5 – By following the above procedure and steps, the POF profile would no longer be
visible to any other user. Hiding the POF profile disables others from viewing texting or
finding that person’s profile on POF. No other POF user would be able to search that user’s
name. No user would even be able to find that user’s account or name in the suggestions or
feed on the POF website.

Step 6 – Follow the same procedure mentioned above in order to unhide a POF profile to
unhide the POF account.



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